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Cannabis 101: Terpenes

Fear and stigma along with prohibition have kept Cannabis taboo for many decades. While legal in many countries, states and municipalities ,cannabis has not been studied publicly as it should over the years. This lack of data for the public and science community has led to many not understanding the full power of the plant

Clean Grinder, Better Experience

A grinder is a pretty common sight when consuming cannabis. Some people skip right over them and go straight to crumbling herb, but many grab their trusty grinder and get to work. Load a bowl pack or two in, a swift couple of rotations later you have a perfectly ground product fit for whatever use you deem fit. Many even catch all that beautiful kief for you to consume later, after you show it off to your spouse or friends of course. What should you do when you notice the grinder doesn’t grind as well anymore? Maybe the screen is clogged with material. Maybe there’s grinder hash sticking to the edges of your lid. These quick steps can be taken in 30 minutes or less to achieve almost new-like results.