Clean Grinder, Better Experience

A grinder is a pretty common sight when consuming cannabis. Some people skip right over them and go straight to crumbling herb, but many grab their trusty grinder and get to work. Load a bowl pack or two in, a swift couple of rotations later you have a perfectly ground product fit for whatever use you deem fit. Many even catch all that beautiful kief for you to consume later, after you show it off to your spouse or friends of course. What should you do when you notice the grinder doesn’t grind as well anymore? Maybe the screen is clogged with material. Maybe there’s grinder hash sticking to the edges of your lid. These quick steps can be taken in 30 minutes or less to achieve almost new-like results.

Warning: You will be using alcohol to clean your grinder. This is highly flammable and care should be taken to stay away from open flame or sparks.


Dirty Grinder



Container to hold grinder parts

Cotton swabs

Coconut Oil

Small Tongs or Gloves

  1. Remove all flower and kief from the grinder. Dismantle the grinder completely and place it into a container big enough to soak in alcohol.
  2. Carefully pour alcohol over the grinder and allow to soak for up to 30 minutes. More time is needed for grinders that are more covered in unwanted sticky hash from heavy use.
  3. Using tongs or gloves remove the grinder from alcohol and use cotton swabs to carefully clean all the edges of the lid, including the cutting post. Use the toothbrush to clean the screen, then carefully make sure to clean all areas of the grinder. It’s best to do a quick wash with the alcohol again a couple of times before using running hot water to rinse all the parts.
  4. Allow all the parts to dry completely before reassembly.
  5. Using a fresh cotton swab with a bit of coconut oil on it, lubricate the edge of the inside of your lid and the threads. It only requires a little dab on the cotton swab. be careful to not get any oil on the screen or grinder posts. This will ensure smooth action as you operate the grinder.
  6. You can now use your grinder! Be sure to clean it every few months for the best experience.



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Clean Grinder, Better Experience

A grinder is a pretty common sight when consuming cannabis. Some people skip right over th



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